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the Wi-Fi and the laptop in the college very bad 50% of the laptop are slow and can't use, simply auto shut down or restart. always changing the new staff and lecturer, so the student can't get a confirm information. when the new staff or new lecturer take over the place, students will get another information different with the information they got before. the marketing sales person didn't communicate with academy staff, so what the sales... Read more

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This is 100% correct and I can guarantee this as I have worked in that college for 1 and half years. I have seen how they work and how they cheat people. The course and even the college is not registered. It is operating itself and with the under table money everytime, they spend alot of money undertable to settle the passports and visa issues with the immigration. There is not any management. I have seen numerous times that international... Read more

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This college management is so ***. the CEO Mrs Lilly do not know how to manage the college. She is uneducated and not fit for that position. Basically its a marketing college. Now they renamed the college as KAGC college. No appreciation for the staffs. No program or activities for the students. All fake documents, fake visa providing. Lot of complaints. Miss Celine is the another fraud of this college. She thinks she is the only smart lady and... Read more

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Greencity International College (Malaysia) use to be the college that I have attended for a course name Cruise Management. I have been recommended to study in this college from a booth nearby a shopping center near my home. This course of Cruise Management catch my eye when the education counselor told me that I will have chance to work in country such as USA, Europe... which I could not believe it at all. After I went home I start to think... Read more

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Some people here are just being ***. This institution is not reliable at all. I live here in Malaysia, and I have never heard it before. Today, I was reading the news when I saw on top of the page what they have done, WHICH IS BASICALLY SCAMMING STUDENTS FROM India and Nepal. These students have paid 20000RM=5000$ each, they were promised to be given a job at higher salary, but they ended up working in restaurants for 14 hours per day, and to... Read more

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Hi trailblazer, or someone who knows the truth. As I got the information that free accommodation, free food, paid internship $ 300/m and 100% job placement on cruise company after completion of the 8-12 months course. I am also thinking to apply for Cruise Management course. could you please let me know: will they provide accommodation and food free of cost at the international student standard. or they send students for work and the facility is... Read more

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Recently, I found out that that Greencity International College is involved in illegal activities. Lately police went over to the College to carry out investigation. I later knew it was about some passport problems that involved foreign students. FYI the foreign students are studying a course named Certificate in Cruise Management. It guarantees job while studying with Greencity. But this course has never been endorsed by Malaysia Qualification... Read more

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