Recently, I found out that that Greencity International College is involved in illegal activities.Lately police went over to the College to carry out investigation.

I later knew it was about some passport problems that involved foreign students. FYI the foreign students are studying a course named Certificate in Cruise Management. It guarantees job while studying with Greencity. But this course has never been endorsed by Malaysia Qualification Board and/or Ministry of Higher Education.

Then there were complains about foreign students required to attend only 2 days of classes in Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism and work the remaining 5 days (on average 12 hours /day). In addition, students are asked to pay several times to obtain visa approval upon arrival in Malaysia. The students were only given a mattress to share and sleep on after work. Such treatment clearly violates human rights.

It saddens me that the recruitment of students from India and Nepal continues to the present although the legal enforcers know it is a SCAM.Employees are also getting their pay deducted without proper reason and inconsistent EPF contribution.


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Greencity college Malaysia has curse management not cruise, Ask them how many students enrolled and how many got jobs it's only a one percent but not the college's success the students found success on their own, never trust Greencity College Malaysia, Because of them Malaysia education sector spoils, Why don't other education providers protest against them because they ruin the Malaysian market, They have a lot of complains government is not taking actions, Greencity must be converted to Red city and change business


They are the biggest rogues in the industry and very unprofessional organisation with a manager called Celine the biggest crook who would make stories to get students and ignore them the next day

Kolkata, West Bengal, India #887439

Greencity is a good one! and I'm proud to be a student of Greencity....

to calvinmbaroi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #1014465

Their teacher Moses Lourdes Micheal(bloody malaysian tamil) and marketing manager Ikramul(bloody bangladeshi) are the master mind of cheating with international students. this two guy make fake promise to students for arrange their internship and job placement in cruise ship and take huge illegal money from students without any money receipt.

to calvinmbaroi Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan #1014897

Previously this college was Orange College but for their illegal activities gov cancel their license later on they start again their illegal fraudulent activities with new name Green city int college!!! be ware of this college.

to calvinmbaroi Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #1014900


Kolkata, West Bengal, India #887438

Only God Knows from where this losers came!!!I studied Greencity college in one year Hospitality Management.

Students like me who want to do something in life professionally its good for us. Education was easy i got job i was there for 3 years with studetn visa and job now running my own hotel in my home country Kolkata India. U fail that does not mean the institute is bad dont blame. Thanks naila Bahen for we it came to our knowledge.

Shame on u losers.

to calvinmbaroi Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh #1014461

I am sure you are a so called agent of Greencity college.me and lots of my batch mate suffer a lot for this college.

this college running in a old building like a warehouse, they have very few class room and lots of international student.

they make some of their student as agent to convince new student to make them fool.all of students from india, bangladesh, nepal, pakistan, srilanka get admission this college for cruise management course by paying huge move for job placement in cruise ship all of students cheat by college and go back their home after loosing all money.

to Milon Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #1133046

Thanks so much Milon.I got a job interview with Greencity some time ago.

I knew its some kind of a scam.. because the job posted was LIBRARIAN *** ADMIN, but when I read the job description, it says you have to do some sells? What do u sell as a librarian? Its very suspicious and weird.

So I never go for it. And for those who support Greencity, I know you are PAID to give good reviews. All scammers collect people and pay for them to give good reviews. Sometimes among the students.

These innocent students..they all come to learn and pursue ambition but got cheated by these frauds. I have seen some of it and almost got cheated too. Gosh.. blood-sucking parasites are everywhere nowadays..

And to the rest of you, please do some research on the background of a particular institution or company before going for any interviews or pursue education.It could save your money, your time and more.

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #887367

It's not true, i don't know about the past scenario but i have done the 2 years C&G Diploma in Greencity it was good to me.Even as a female student.

They provided good accommodation and I am pleased with it even i was helped with part time job. I will give them 4 star.

Any i will say other students who love Greencity should speak for some people our reputation is going down.

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